The Affordable Care Act Affects us all.

Obamacare Insurance for Business: How to Lower Your Costs

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is 906 pages of complexity commonly known as "Obamacare". PPACA is a system of levers, penalties and incentives pushing business owners and employees toward specific choices about their health insurance coverage.Insurance Obamacare from OC4B

OC4B is your practical, plain English guide-wire for explaining Obamacare. Your informed choices are the only way you can avoid the financial pitfalls of the new health insurance coverage landscape.

Understand Obamacare Insurance Expenses

More Obamacare regulations are rolled out constantly. 2013, 2014 and 2015 will all see more laws and stiffer penalties than the prior year. With money-saving tips from OC4B, you'll avoid expensive tax penalties by answering a series of simple questions and getting feedback personalized to your unique circumstances.

Reduce Employer Obamacare Costs

As a business owner there are complicated rules about the types of health insurance coverage you offer your employees. Small businesses under 50 employees are subject to significantly different rules than businesses with 50 employees or more. Failing to adapt to these rules could cost your small business thousands of dollars. We'll help you understand the cutoffs and your best path to minimized spending.

Avoid Obamacare Fines for Employees and Families

Employees and businesses alike face Obamacare penalties for making the wrong choices about their health insurance. The price goes up every year. Obamacare fines have significant fixed minimums for lower wage employees. For higher income employees penalties scale up to 2.5% of gross family income in 2016. OC4B will tell you what you need to know to avoid escalating fines for failure to obtain adequate coverage.

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