The Affordable Care Act Affects us all.

The insurance I offer will pay for at least 60% of covered health care expenses for a typical population.

Obamacare Employer Requirements: Insurance Coverage for the Typical Population

The Obamacare employer requirements for adequate health coverage include a test for measuring how much of your employees' expenses are likely to be covered. This test only applies to businesses employing 50 or more “full time equivalent” employees seeking to avoid tax time fines and penalties. If you’re unsure if these criteria apply to you, check out the beginning of our easy Obamacare employer insurance walkthrough or the employee’s guide to coverage.

Bronze Level Insurance Coverage Standards

Employer Requirements FlowchartAs an employer, 60% of your employees’ health care expenses (including qualified dependents) must be covered by funding from yourself or your health insurance plan. The 60% number was chosen to equate to the minimum benefits of a bronze level plan bought on a state-run exchange. Save money on an Obamacare compliant insurance plan by contacting Jackson Kahl Insurance today: 800-524-5467.

Employer Requirements for Reporting

Starting in 2015, larger employers (with 50+ full-time employees or the equivalent thereof) will have detailed reporting requirements for describing their full time employees to the Department of Labor via the IRS. According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) regulations, your reporting will need to include:

  • Employee names 
  • Employee addresses
  • EIN (employer identification numbers)
  • A certification confirming you offer a plan providing at least minimum coverage to your employees and their dependents
  • The length of any applicable waiting period
  • During which months coverage was available
  • The monthly premiums for the lowest cost option
  • Your plan’s share of covered healthcare expenses
  • The number of your employees who work full time
  • The name, address and tax identification number of each full-time employee
  • Additional information about your plan for which the employer pays the largest percent of the costs

As an experienced Obamacare health insurance provider, Jackson Kahl will help you navigate PPACA’s troubling web of paperwork.

Beyond the “Typical Population” Test

If one of your employees will spend more than 9.5% of their income on healthcare expenses, it is no longer considered "affordable" and you will be subject to Obamacare fines. Otherwise, check out Obamacare explained to find out how Jackson Kahl can reduce your costs with personalized, PPACA-compliant health insurance coverage.

Contact Jackson Kahl Insurance today for an Obamacare insurance plan customized to your precise circumstances: 800-524-5467.